Welcome To PetMatch.

PetMatch is a dedicated, free and user-friendly platform to showcase pets in rescues and shelters across the country that are looking for homes helping:

Get pets in rescues and shelters into homes and families, where they belong.
Support rescues, shelters and animal charities to reach a wide audience of potential adopters and find the right homes quickly for the pets in their care.
Individuals and families easily search for, find and adopt their perfect match.

How It Works

How It Works

Dog of the Week


You have the perfect home for George you say?? He's all ears! This boy is only 1 and looking for his perfect home. If you are curious about George you can find out more about him below.


Rescue of the Week


Established in 1840, the DSPCA exist to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome sick, injured and cruelly treated animals. You can support the important work they do by clicking on the link below.


Cat of the Week


Dessie think his name is short for desire cos you are gonna want him! We think it’s for deserves because this boy deserves a great home after a rough start. Find out about Dessie below.


Rescues on PetMatch

About Us

We are animal lovers. Furry ones, fluffy ones, fat ones, skinny ones, ones with wings, ones with tails, old ones, little ones, slobbery ones – we love them all! 

Launched in 2022, PetMatch is a small business based in Dublin, Ireland founded by Lynne and homepage model and Chief Canine Officer, Hugo. 

PetMatch was born out of wanting to help animals and the amazing network of rescues, shelters and animal charities around the country that dedicate so much time, energy and devotion to the work they do helping animals in need.

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