Last Updated: 16 August 2022

Thank you for visiting PetMatch.ie (“PetMatch”, the “Site” or “Website”). Please read this Code of Conduct carefully since use of PetMatch.ie as a Rescue User constitutes your acceptance of these terms in conjunction with our general Website Terms of Use, our Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these collective terms, please do not use this Website.

“You”, and “Rescue User” refers to any animal charity, shelter, rescue, organisation and/or person accessing and/or using this website to list adoptable pets and maintain a Rescue User page.


Rescue User Eligibility

PetMatch aims to support animal rescues and shelters by providing a free dedicated platform to post profiles of animals in need of homes with the view to reaching as broad an audience of potential adopters as possible and giving the pet the best chance of finding the right home quickly. 

Eligibility to use PetMatch as a Rescue User is determined at the sole discretion of PetMatch. Completion of an application does not guarantee approval. Registered charity status is not required for PetMatch membership, however, where an applicant member does not have a CHY number, a reference from your veterinarian must be supplied in order to verify that the organisation is legitimately operating as an animal shelter, rescue or adoption organisation. PetMatch will verify any reference provided prior to a Rescue User account being activated. 

In order to create and maintain a PetMatch Rescue User account, the account must adhere to the following terms:

  1. The Website Terms of Use
  2. The Rescue Users Code of Conduct


Pet Profiles: 

  • Rescue Users may only post currently adoptable pets that are genuine rescue pets, presently in rescue/shelter or foster care through the Rescue User and available for adoption from your organisation.
  • Rescue Users may not create profiles for pets for sale, pets for breeding purposes or pets not allowed by law.
  • Generic listings are not permitted. Profiles must be for specific animal(s) in the care of the Rescue User.
  • Duplicate postings of profiles are not permitted. A profile may be re-posted if the animal is made available for adoption again but a profile should not be posted more than once at any given point in time. 
  • Pet profiles must be actively maintained to reflect an up to date listing of your organisation’s adoptable pets.
  • Pets with a known history of aggression must not be listed.
  • All information posted on the pet’s profile page must be correct, truthful to the best of your knowledge and up to date, including the rehoming status of the pets. 
  • Pets no longer available for adoption should be marked as ‘Reserved’ or removed from the User’s adoptable pet list in a timely manner to avoid further adoption enquiries for the pet.
  • Pets posted on PetMatch may not have been obtained in a manner that has provided profit for any commercial or individual pet breeder or seller.
  • Rescue Users are not permitted to list pets on behalf of private individuals. A pet may remain in the care of their current owner whilst listed on PetMatch, but the pet must be subject to the same application and rehoming process applied by the organisation in the event the pet was in the full custody of the organisation. 
  • Derogatory comments about past owners, abuse or cruelty are not permitted.
  • Personal information about the previous owner should not be included without their express permission.


Advertising/Product Placement: 

  • Pet profiles which include references to, or advertising for commercial organisations, products or services are not permitted.


Rescue Information: 

  • Rescue Users are responsible for maintaining a Rescue page on PetMatch, giving visitors more information about your shelter or organisation, accurate contact information, your adoption fees and procedures and a current active link allowing members of the public to donate to your shelter or organisation.
  • Rescue Users are responsible for maintaining all content on their PetMatch Rescue page including relevant links, logos and uploaded animal profiles. 


Communication and Engagement: 

  • Rescue Users agree to reply to enquiries from the public and or questions from PetMatch staff in a timely and respectful manner.



  • Rescue Users warrant that you, and any user(s) associated with your PetMatch account, do not have any animal care related violations or crimes.


If postings are found to be in breach of our policies, PetMatch reserves the right to remove them without prior notification at our sole discretion. Rescue Users who are found to be in violation of our policies may also have their account suspended or terminated without advance notice.

Our general Website Terms of Use and/or the Rescue User Code of Conduct may be updated at any time. The most updated version will be found at each respective page.