Who We Are.

We are animal lovers. Furry ones, fluffy ones, fat ones, skinny ones, ones with wings, ones with tails, old ones, little ones, slobbery ones – we love them all! 

Launched in 2022, PetMatch is a small business based in Dublin, Ireland. PetMatch was born out of wanting to help animals and the amazing network of rescues, shelters and animal charities around the country that dedicate so much time, energy and devotion to the work they do helping animals in need.

What We Do.

We provide a dedicated, free and user-friendly platform to showcase pets that are looking for homes helping:

  1. Get pets in rescues and shelters into homes and families, where they belong. 
  2. Support rescues, shelters and animal charities to reach a wide audience of potential adopters and find the right homes quickly for the pets in their care. 
  3. Individuals and families easily search for, find and adopt their perfect match.  

In summary, our mission is to provide a platform for getting great pets, great homes. Happy pets, happy people. 🐶 🥰

Our Team.

About PetMatch

Lynne (Founder)

Long before PetMatch was formed, I had a love of animals and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Whilst completing my training as a Tax Accountant with KPMG (don’t fall asleep yet – it gets better!), I started volunteering with a local animal charity working with their cats and dogs and helping with various fundraising initiatives (there may even be a photo or two of me dressed as an elf!). This reinforced my love of animals but also gave me huge respect for the work done by animal rescues, their staff and the many challenges that they face. 

In 2011, I joined Google and over 11 years also gained an appreciation for the opportunity and possibilities that technology can provide. Over the last few years the concept of PetMatch was developed and refined until I finally decided to act on the idea and try to bring the concept to life (and yes I actually left Google!) as a way to combine my experience and skill set with the area I am most passionate about. 


Hugo (Chief Canine Officer)

Hugo (our homepage model!) is our C.C.O. (Chief Canine Officer) but in truth he is getting away with not doing much… A busy day for Hugo is eating, going for a walk, stopping on the walk to say hello to anybody and everybody, eating, choosing what toy to play with, eating, playing with one of his many (many!) toys and sleeping.

Contact Us.

Thank you for visiting PetMatch; we hope the site helps you in finding a furever home or finding your furever friend. If you would like more information or wish to speak to us you can contact us at hello@petmatch.ie or connect with us on our social media channels (FB, IG).