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Email Address:dogs@mylovelyhorserescue.com
Charity Number:20204871
Supply of Pets Registration Number:IPT200005C
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About My Lovely Dog Rescue

In MLHR we are committed to finding loving homes for the animals that come into our care. We are very careful in our selection of both foster homes and forever homes for our animals – they have been hurt once, we do not want that to happen again.

A dogs needs:

Warm, dry suitable place to live
Healthy diet and fresh clean water available at all times
Ability to behave normally and interact with others
Regular exercise
Mental stimulation – hiding treats, playing fetch
Room to roam and investigate
Routine, feeding same time everyday
Not to be left alone for hours at a time

Adoption Information

Adoption Fee: 150

Adoption Process:

If you are interested in a dog please fill in the enquiry form and a volunteer will be in touch. A home check will be required.

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