Please fill out this form if you would like to apply to adopt James: https://cutt.ly/qUBgpt9

Meet the bravest dark knight we have met yet! James is a fearless kitty – he loves running around the house and monitoring what’s going on. Such a brave and independent man doesn’t enjoy being carried – he much prefers to be first on the scene. He is gentle when reminding you of this and his heart is as big as his brave streak. Sudden noises and movement scare him, but he puts up a brave front – he will hiss instead of running for cover.

Of course, such a brave cat loves some downtime too. He loves being petted (you’ll love his silky fur!) and laying down next to you for some chill time. He can be easy-going when he wants to be and is more than happy to relax with you when the occasion calls for it.

If you’d like to meet our brave hero, please get in touch today!

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