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Hey cat lovers! Meet Jellybeans and Candy Floss – a brother and sister who are simply too adorable for words! 🐾
Jellybeans is THE definition of his name! He’s always up for some fun and very much like jellybeans, this boy is about to be your child’s favourite pillow!

With his playful personality, he’s a little mash of excitement! He adores hanging out with people and playing games. Jellybeans is the one to make the first move; he’s all about etiquettes. He’ll come around asking for pets when he truly wants them even with no expectations for treatos.

Candy Floss, on the other hand, is a tad more shy but equally endearing. She loves to explore and inspect every nook and cranny, at least until she finds her favourite spots! Candy Floss will make you go gaga with her sweet charm. She might be a bit cautious around new people, but once she gets to know you, she’ll be your best friend – especially if you offer her some tasty snacks!

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