Manda is an ex racing greyhound who will be only 2 years old in August.
Manda is the quieter of the two sisters who both arrived to us on the same day. Manda is slightly smaller 26 inches to her shoulder. She is very friendly and affectionate typical loving greyhound. So far she’s doing everything right , great temperament with everyone she meets and has been perfect with all dogs she has met. Manda has been loose with Marlon our foxhound in a large secure area and been perfect. She has not been loose with any small dog but on lead she has had no problem we would still be hesitant to rehome with a very small dog as greyhounds go on sight. Manda is very clean in her kennel and rarely has an accident. She is reactive to cats definitely a cat free home for Manda.
Manda is spayed, chipped, passported, fully vaccinated including kennel cough and had a dental.
Home Visit and adoption fee applies.

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