🐾 Welcome Pepsi to the CDPA Family! 🐾

We’re excited to introduce Pepsi, a friendly 9-month-old Labrador Mix, to our CDPA Family. Pepsi’s had a bit of a tough time finding her place in the world, but we’re here to help her find a loving home.

Pepsi’s journey started when her old family left her behind. Luckily, some friends stepped in and took care of her, but it wasn’t a permanent solution – it was actually her third home for reasons we so far couldn’t figure out.
Sadly, Pepsi’s current caregivers had to give her up because their landlord found out they had a dog, which wasn’t allowed in their rental agreement. So, they reached out to us for help.

Thanks to a kind foster family, Pepsi had a safe place to stay for a few days and we were lucky to find a suitable home, or so we thought.

The home we had chosen for Pepsi went on trial with her but informed us after a few weeks that their circumstances have changed and they can now no longer care for her. So Pepsi is once again in need of a new home and really hope this one will be her forever home. Pepsi has lived with small children and cats. We do not know how she is with other dogs but given her age we are not too concerned.

Pepsi is a sweet pup who’s been through a lot, and she’s ready for a fresh start with a family who will love her forever.
If you’re interested in giving Pepsi the loving home she deserves, please get in touch with us. Let’s work together to find Pepsi her happily ever after.
Welcome to the family, Pepsi! We’re so happy to have you, and we’re determined to help you find your perfect home.

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