Jude is the most loveable Lurcher puppy with stunning blue eyes, he is 4 months old now. He is so gentle and all he really wants is cuddles. His favourite place is to be in someone’s arms. He is in a foster home with another dog, and is very playful with her. He has learned her boundaries very quickly, so now she allows him to cuddle.
His house training is going well, but is still a work in progress. He will go to the patio door to signal he wants to go out. He sleeps through the night in his crate. He sits and has lovely manners around food, and is so gentle taking treats. He really is the bestest boy and is so affectionate, he’s going to make some family very happy.
Jude is lead trained and enjoys his outings.
As he is still teething, he does nip, chew and bite, all normal puppy behavior, but it can be overwhelming for young children.
Jude will grow, he is small now but will be a big boy when fully grown. As Jude is a puppy he will need a home with someone around a lot, 5 hours maximum home alone is acceptable but no longer.
Jude is microchipped and worm treated.
Home visit, adoption fee, and neuter agreement applies at 9 months of age.

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