Juniper is a beautiful 4 month old Lurcher puppy, born in our care on new years day.
She will grow into a bigger adult dog.
Juniper is a real little lady, a little princess! She’s up for fun, chewing and zoomies in between naps, and does need regular naps to prevent her getting overtired, she likes to be a busy girl. She is curious, very clever and definitely has a sprinkling of mischief.
She is in foster with an elderly small dog, who’s not up for puppy fun, so is used to playing by herself and is good to entertain herself with her toys, she loves socks and shoes particularly.
She is good to tell you when she wants to go out, you just need to act fast. She sleeps well in her crate by night, and can be home alone in her crate for 4 hours by day, she sleeps away and is up for fun when you get back.
Juniper really loves her food and can eat quickly, a slow feeding bowl helps with that. She loves a filled frozen Kong, and will spend a good hour cleaning that out. Juniper is lead trained and really enjoys her walks. There are children age 10 and 13 in her foster home, she really enjoys playing with them, she is always very excited to see them, but she can still nip in play, and it does hurt.

Juniper is fully vaccinated including kennel cough, treated for worms every 2 weeks since she was 6 weeks old, and is microchipped.
She will have to be spayed by a new family on the date on the adoption form which is not included in the €100 adoption fee.  Home visit also applies.
Pups require someone home more than an adult dog, 5 hours maximum home alone is acceptable.

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