You don’t have to be a gemologist to see that Jade is a precious find. If the little bow-tie-shaped moustache or her charming chirp don’t have you dazzled immediately, her glittering personality definitely will. Jade sparkles the most when she can chase anything ball-shaped around the house, or cuddle with the resident cat. To mix it up, she likes to follow her human around as well, examining everything carefully, nose first. Jade is not precious about her food and loves human company. Not quite grown up yet, she might be a little diamond in the rough still – she doesn’t yet like to be picked up but enjoys sleeping in her human’s bed and getting showered with love and pets. If she’s had enough – she just puts on her white socks and mittens and walks away.  


Jade is best suited to a home with older kids or adults in it, and a cat friend. 

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