Margot was found in a bin store in an apartment complex with both eyes badly infected. After an initial surgery to correct entropian (eyelids growing inward scratching the cornea) a visit to a specialist confirmed that unfortunately Margot’s eyes were beyond saving. Margot has had surgery to remove both and she is absolutely fine, her other senses take over for her. She absolutely adores playing and can still play hide and seek with the younger kittens in her foster home! Margot will definitely need feline company, if nothing else, to help her get around. There are bells on the younger kittens and this helps Margot figure out where everyone is and where she needs to go. Margot is now fully vaccinated and microchipped, we weren’t able to get the neutering done with the enucleation, so she will need to come back to our vet when she’s big enough.
Margot will need a fully indoor home, but has plenty of love and fun to give the right home.

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