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Age:4 yrs
Rescue:The Cat & Dog Protection Association of Ireland
Time on PetMatch:1 month
Country of Origin:Ireland


More about Russ

Russ, the most unlikely ex-street cat. 

You would never guess that gentle and affectionate Russ once lived out in the big bad world as part of a stray cat colony. This sweet boy is much more suited to the quiet indoor life he now enjoys with his fosterer and would love to settle into with a forever family!  

All Russ needs to be happy these days is a quiet indoor home, a secure and cosy bed, some relaxed cuddles and pets, and perhaps a calm cat friend to play with. He has become great friends with all of his fosterer’s resident cats.  

Russ’ sensitive disposition means he is not a fan of sudden noises and can take fright when people walk past the house while he is sitting by the window. He really was always meant to be an indoor cat and will thrive in a safe and relaxed home.  

He can be unsure of new people but loves snuggling up on his fosterer’s lap and in their bed so we’re sure his new family will be in for many fluffy snuggles.  

His new family will need to be aware that Russ is FIV+, though he is currently showing no health issues. There is no reason for this to hold Russ back from being adopted by the right family, and we will be happy to answer any questions potential adopters have.  


  1. FIV is a retrovirus infection which affects cats that works by killing or damaging cells in a cat’s immune system 
  1. FIV+ cats have lower immunity and need good quality food and regular vet visits  
  1. Cats with FIV often have similar life spans to cats without it and can live long, healthy, happy lives 
  1. FIV is mainly transmitted through deep bits and mating therefore once neutered, FIV+ is rarely transmittable 
  1. FIV is not transmittable to non-cats (including humans, dogs etc) 


Break the stigma and adopt an FIV+ who are just as deserving of a loving forever home!  


The Purr-fect Forever Home 


  • May need a calm kitty friend or stay-at-home human 
  • Indoor only 
  • Needs a patient-human 
  • Special needs kitty – FIV+ 


Russ is...


Medication needs

Special needs




The type of home Russ is looking for...

Suitable for apartment living
The Cat & Dog Protection Association of Ireland
Dublin Charity Number: CHY 7948
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Adoption Fee: Our affordable adoption package covers vet costs for vaccines, micro-chipping, spaying/neutering, spot on and worming treatment.

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