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Name:Mr Tompkins and Tamara
Age:4 yrs
Colour:Ginger/ White, Black
Rescue:North West SPCA Ballina
Time on PetMatch:1 month
Country of Origin:Ireland


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Can you post these two in petmatch please
Hi! I’m Mr. Tompkins, a dashingly handsome ginger, and this is my beautiful wife, Tamara.

We were part of a big colony. None of us were neutered. Despite my wife always being pregnant, none of our babies survived. Many of our family and friends were ran over on the road or died of cat flu.

When NWSPCA found out about us, it was only myself and Tamara left 😢

We were malnourished and didn’t have any decent shelter. Tamara was particularly thin, her breathing was wheezy from chronic cat flu. Her paws were sore and inflamed possibly due to inadequate nutrition. She had to undergo treatment with steroids and antibiotics but has since gained weight and her breathing has improved.

I’m a very sweet boy and like getting my head rubbed. Tamara is a little bit shy as she has been through so much but she is learning to trust people again.

We love each other very much and would be heartbroken if we were ever separated. We are praying to the cat Gods that a kind human will come forward to offer us a foster or forever home. Could YOU be the answer to our prayers? 🙏

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North West SPCA Ballina
Mayo Charity Number: 20057060
Supply of Pets Registration Number: PPT200002C

Adoption Fee: Fee for cats is €70.If you get two it's €120.

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Once you have filled out our questionnaire we will do a home check either in person or by phone, When this is done and we feel a match has been made we then move forward with the adoption forms and payment. And then you get your new addition to your family.

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