Nuri was found under a hedge with her umbilical cord still attached only a few days old at the start May. Nuri we believe was born around the 7th May 2024 and is 9 weeks old now. She has thrived in her foster home mixing with the other cats and dogs. Nuri is an independent lady with character and a little bit of attitude., she knows her own mind and do her own thing. Nuri can live with a male cat we feel another female could clash with Nuri as she gets older but males are slobs and usually get on well with other cats of course once they are neutered. Nuri is a typical kitten who scratches everything human and furniture older children would be more suitable plus she is not a fan of being picked up unless she feels like it, thats girls for you.
Nuri has her first vaccination, chipped and been wormed. Depending where she gets a home offer we will get her spayed at just over 1kg if her home is not in Cork, she also needs her booster in a couple of weeks. All this can be sorted depending where she gets a home.

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