Kida is 23 inches to her shoulder, a young and lively lurcher lady who will charm anyone she meets. She is a character who knows what she wants. She loves the fussing and is very friendly to all humans, she will lean in and soak it all up.
Kida does have a bit of sass with other dogs, mostly when she meets a new dog for the first time, but does then calm and is mixing off lead with other dogs at the kennels with no problems. She does play a bit rough so would need to be paired with a dog who is able for that or she can be an only dog.
Kida will lay down and relax but is always ready to go for her next walk. Kida is very young, just 2 years of age, she will mellow with time. Kida will need an active family to expend her energy. She is bouncy so would be best suited to a home with older children.
Kida will need a home without cats or small dogs, she does like to be the center of attention so if there was another dog in the home, they would need to be ok with that. A meet and greet with a resident dog would tell us more about how they get on, but Kida would be just as happy being an only dog too.
Kida is good on the lead until she sees something in the distance, like a rabbit, and then she can pull but 90% of the time she is good. Kida still has the odd accident in her kennel over night but by day is clean and she does go to the toilet on lead when out on her walks always.
Kida loves to flip a water bowl, she thinks it’s great fun so a secure raised bowl will help and plenty of toys to throw around.
Kida is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated including KC and rabies, worm and flea treated.
Home visit and adoption fee apply.

  •  DPT200002C
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