Bonded 7 week old Lily & Kai are ready to find their forever home.

Lily is the leader and Kai follows her around. They do everything together. If separated they will cry for one another.
They are typical kittens into everything, climbing up the curtains, hiding under the sofa and darting at your feet 🤣
Eating well and litter trained.

Kai is a little smaller than Lily…they just complement each other perfectly. Where Lily is always looking to sit on your lap and purr, Kai sneaks around on to your neck slowly..
Love their toys- balls, mice and the feathers on strings..

They have had a flea and worm treatment and now ready to come live with you, as long as you’ve had your informal home check done.

They will need to be spayed/neutered when he/she is 16-20 weeks old but the great people in Last Hope will give you a voucher to use with their vet.

If you’d like to adopt them please apply on http://www.lasthope.ie/index.php/i-want-to-adopt

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