We are listing these gorgeous kittens together, as we would like to get them adopted in pairs: they are all great friends and just love having a pal to play with! Exceptionally we will also consider getting them adopted individually if there is already a young cat in the house, so please give us as many details as possible about your current situation.

Tiffany: the biggest among her female siblings (almost as big as her brother Sammy). She is very confident, curious and playful. She is the first kitten who started purring while getting a rub 🙂

Rosalita is a little sweetheart: she follows you around and wants cuddles all the time. She caught up in size with her siblings only recently but never missed out on any playful fights with them.

Maxine is the mad one 😀 She has an endless supply of energy and is always up for any new games. She loves attention, and when her batteries need recharging will even lie down and fall asleep on your lap.

We are happy for the potential adopters to visit the foster home (North Co. Dublin) and meet the kittens before making their decision. So if you have a great home for two little fluffs, please send us an email with your details.

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