Please fill out this form if you would like to apply to adopt Tony: https://cutt.ly/qUBgpt9 

Meet the darling Tony! He is a curious, distinguished gentleman who is a homebody at heart. Tony spent his first 10 years living on the street, after being abandoned by his original owners and getting fed by his doting neighbourhood carers. With the help of his regular feeder, CDPA rescued Tony and he is slowly getting accustomed to the VIP life.  

Tony is a shy cat and would do best with  someone, who has a quiet and stable lifestyle to share with him. He is scared of loud noises and sudden movements, so a child-free and dog-free home is necessary.  

He enjoys the occasional petting session – on his terms, of course! He needs love and patience at first, and as he warms up to you, his playful side comes out to shine. 

He loves hanging out in the great inside and exploring it at night– expect to find him napping the day away near his humans in between playing sessions.  

If you can provide the purr-fect forever home for Tony, please apply to meet him today! 

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