Beautiful Max is currently safe in foster care. He got checked by a vet and treated against worms and fleas. He is neutered and healthy, but had so much matted fur when he arrived into our care, as he’s been living on the streets for several months relying only on kind people who were willing to give him some food and a temporary shelter in their back gardens.
His adopter has to keep in mind that he doesn’t like changes and will be extremely stressed about the initial move. He gets very shy and almost paralysed when he’s unsure what is happening but he remains gentle and would never scratch. His new family will need to be patient and very gentle with him, allowing him enough time and giving him space to settle in and get to trust his new human friends. However patience will be rewarded, as this boy is full of life and affection!
He is very comfortable around other cats and would be very happy in a home where he can have a pal.
We prefer a home with no young children or any loud activities. Cats are very sensitive and usually struggle in busy noisy homes.
Please message us at backintodaylight@gmail.com if you can give him a loving forever home. We will send you a form and carry out a home check to make sure this lovely boy is a good match for your family 😊🐾

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