🐱💚 Beautiful Louis is searching for a loving home 💚🐱

This gorgeous panther-like boy had a rough life over the past few months and really deserves somewhere he can be safe and well cared for. All he wants is cuddles and a warm bed, he is so grateful for any attention and can’t get enough of human company. He is very docile and sweet.

He will need to be the only cat in an indoor home or in a house with a secure escape-proof garden, as unfortunately he is way too stressed that someone will come and take his place and he’ll end up homeless again.. For that reason the poor boy is ready to fight any cat who wanders near him. Recently he got badly injured as a result of one of these territorial fights. We brought him to the vet and thankfully he’s healing well. We really want to make sure he never has to stress again about being left behind.

Louis will be a wonderful companion for someone who is ready to give him the right kind of home where he will feel secure and loved. We are happy to organise for his adopter to meet him first (even though there is no way you won’t fall in love with him 😉 ) He is fostered in Balbriggan, North Co. Dublin.

He is neutered and treated against internal and external parasites.

🐾 Please email us at backintodaylight@gmail.com if you would like to give our boy a forever home 🐾

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