Mossie is the most handsome collie lurcher puppy who somehow found himself in the pound at 8 weeks old. He was there a month when luckily for him, he was spotted by Abbie and Colette who were there to collect 2 other lurcher ladies and bring them to Hart.
Mossie went straight into foster with Colette and joined her gang of resident dogs and cats. He got toilet training straight away but can still have the odd accident, he sleeps through the night in his crate and is now lead trained.
He really enjoys the company of the other young dogs in his foster home, and knows his boundaries with the cats there.
He loves to chew so will need plenty of chew toys as he’s still teething.
Mossie is a very clever boy, he learns quickly, he is very curious and will need an active home. Being part collie, he likes to be kept busy, he enjoys being out and about, seeing new things and meeting new people.  He travels well in the car once he is not in a crate as he will get sick if he is.
He has been well socialised in his foster home, and we’d hope a new family would continue this.
Mossie is a really great little man who is now ready to meet his new family.  He is fully vaccinated, including kennel cough, chipped and wormed.  As he is only a puppy he can not be home alone for more than 4.5 hours these months are when a puppy learns the most in life.
Home visit, adoption fee and neuter agreement apply.

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