Junior is from a family of 10 lurchers born in our care on the 1st January, he is 11 weeks old now.
This beautiful boy is so friendly and so charming, he is already getting tall and will be a big handsome boy when fully grown.
Junior is in foster with other dogs and cats who he gets on well with, he does play rough, but the cats are well able at the moment to pin him to the floor or give him a swipe. Junior means no harm to them he just wants to play.
His house training is a work in progress, he will cry to let you know he wants to go out but you still need to be fast to get him outside.
Junior will walk on a lead as been practicing in the garden but is more confident on a lead when another dog is also on lead.
He is crated trained but be prepared to be woken between 6 & 6.30 every morning to begin with as he wants the toilet, then he is ready for breakfast and must go back out for toileting again. During the day he grazes at his food as that’s how the other dogs in the foster home are fed.
Junior travels well in the car but does not like being crated, he lies with one of the other dogs on the back seat, both secured safely to the headrest.
Junior needs a home with another playful dog who does not mind a puppy engaging in rough play. He still nips, playbites and scratches which hurts a lot, hence children over 8 in the family home.
Junior is fully vaccinated including kennel cough, treated for worms 2 weekly since 6 weeks old and chipped.
He will have to be neutered by a new family on the date on the adoption form which is not included in the €100 adoption fee. Home visit also applies. Pups require someone home more than an adult dog, 5 hours maximum home alone is acceptable.

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