Meet Meredith & Rogue!  

These two stunning silver kitties are here to steal your heart 🩶 

Meredith is a fierce huntress, and likes to practice her skills daily – this means lots of playtime! She loves to chase and pounce on unsuspecting toys 🐱 

Rogue likes to play too, but is a little more clumsy! She often snags her claws and trips up.  This sweetheart can be a little shy at first – but once she settles, Rogue is the most lovable cuddle-bug! She loves to have her coat brushed, so she’ll really appreciate a regular grooming session  

They are both happy to snuggle up on the couch – but good luck trying to get any work done when these cuties come looking for pets! Meredith is verrry particular, and will reprimand gently if you pet her the wrong way! 😆 

Apply to adopt this bonded pair today, and give them a forever home together 🩶 

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