Casey is a 10-week-old Lurcher Collie X puppy. She is energetic, curious and very clever.
From the moment you meet Casey, her intelligence shines through, she thrives on mental stimulation, constantly seeking new challenges. Whether it’s mastering tricks, solving puzzles, or learning new commands, Casey is always eager for the next task, in between much needed puppy naps.
Casey is in a foster home as an only dog, but would do well with another dog for company, we think she would enjoy a friend to play with.
Casey’s crate training is still in progress, once everyone is settled, she will settle and sleep through the night. Toilet training is also progressing. Casey is very young, she is teething and exploring her new world with her mouth, she will chew, as puppies do, and she will nip, all very normal puppy behaviour but it can be overwhelming for young children, for this reason we would not place her in a home with young children unless there is a dog in the home already.

Casey will receive her second vaccine next week to complete all her vaccinations, she can then go out for walks to work on her lead training.
Casey is microchipped and worm treated.
Home visit, adoption fee, and Spay agreement applies.

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