Exciting Announcement! 🎉
Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Cody (Black and White) and Charly (Tabby) – two absolutely delightful ~9-month-old kittens who are eagerly waiting to find their new forever family starting next week!
Charly is a cuddle bug extraordinaire! He adores snuggling up to humans and boasts the softest, most luxurious coat you’ve ever felt! We suspect he might have a touch of Bengal in him, with his uniquely shaped ears, velvety short coat, and charming facial features. This little guy is all about water play and thrives on interactive games and hunting adventures. With his elegant, lean physique, Charly is undeniably one of the most strikingly beautiful cats we’ve had the pleasure of meeting! (Trust us, pictures just don’t do him justice!)
Now, let’s talk about Cody! While he may be a bit shy at first, Cody is all about those chin scritches and cuddles once he warms up to you. He’s a tad larger than his brother but dons the cutest face and the most magnificent purr that will melt your heart instantly! Cody is a big fan of treats and is a quick learner, making training sessions an absolute joy.
These dynamic duo kittens have already mastered simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘come here,’ making them ideal candidates for a loving home that can provide them with mental stimulation through ongoing training. Cody and Charly are fully vaccinated and neutered, making it easier for their forever home to settle in with them. Please note, that they are not suitable for homes with young children.
They are searching for a household where someone is around most of the day to shower them with love and attention. Let’s find Cody and Charly their perfect match!
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