Mischievous Milo is a big softy!  

Milo’s daily routine starts with a nice soft breakfast – he loves his Royal Canin food, tuna with water, and soft mashed food. He also prefers soft treats (and squirty cream!) and doesn’t like crunchy ones. 

Next, it’s playtime! Milo loves chasing balls and wrestling with soft toys, but wine corks are his ultimate favourite, he loves picking them up and carrying them around and galloping from room to room. 

He likes to window-watch and chatter to a local cat who passes through the garden before going for a nap when his favourite human buddy returns home from work. Milo will jump up on his buddy’s chest, lick his face and rub cheeks. Milo is an affectionate boy who loves shoulder and face rubs, isn’t fussy about his tail being touched, but is still unsure about being picked up.  

He is also not a fan of loud noises like the doorbell, hairdryer, hoover or raised voices and has been known to run to hide under the bed when he gets a fright. He will need a patient human as he sometimes gently nips if he’s unsure of something or plays with his claws out, but his fosterer has found that saying ‘stop’ or ‘gently’ will settle him down. 

At bedtime, Milo will snuggle up between his fosterers… though he’ll be up before them to play some more and open all the closed window shutters before morning!   


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