Moo is a delicate little lady.

With her white coat and black patches, I’m sure you can see where Moo gets her name from. But if she was to be compared to anything on a farm, it would probably be a tractor – her purrs could easily be mistaken for some heavy machinery with how loud they get!

Although her own purrs can be heard far and wide, Moo is a sensitive lady and likes to be the only thing making loud noises in her vicinity. She would prefer a home where she can relax quietly near her human family, or with feline friends who will respect her delicate sensibilities. She has no time for that silly roughhousing you see some other cats partake in and does not care for being picked up (she doesn’t know why you would want to treat a lady that way).

Moo would love a home where she can avail of plenty of pets and affection, receive the respect a lady of her calibre deserves, and be provided with plentiful wet food sachets. But mind your feet! She will come running as soon as she hears that foil rip, and you’ll have one happy cat winding herself around your feet!

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