Meet colourful Cali. For the past little while, this sweet girl has been very busy taking care of her litter of five kittens. Now that her babies are ready to strike out on their own, Cali needs to find a special someone who will lavish her with the care and attention she deserves.

Cali has a calm, serene energy that makes her an ideal companion for lazy afternoons on the couch. However, her playful side has also recently started to emerge in foster care. You can forget about the fancy cat toys, though – Cali prefers life’s simple pleasures, like chasing ribbons and playing with cardboard boxes.

If you’re looking for a confidant skilled in the art of conversation, Cali might be your perfect match. This girl could talk for Ireland. Her favourite topic of conversation? All things food. An upside of having Cali around is that you can forgo your alarm as Cali will very happily make sure you’re up and ready to join her for breakfast each morning.

She’s not just a foodie, though. Cali also has a drink of choice, and it comes directly from the bathroom faucet. Get ready for handwashing to become a shared experience when Cali’s around!

Once she’s fed and watered, Cali will give you a few bumps with her head to let you know she’s ready for some tickles and cuddles.

Cali would thrive in a home with a resident kitty she can befriend – she’s used to having a whole litter of kitty companions around, after all! We think she would love a new friend who’s chilled out but would also enjoy joining in on the occasional game of ribbon-chasing.

Bonus points if your home has plenty of windows so Cali can engage in her favourite afternoon pastime of people-watching!

If you’re looking for a kitty who’s charming, chatty and cheerful, Cali is the girl for you. Apply to adopt her today.

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