Juno is the Queen of Goddesses and when you see our little Juno you’ll know why she has the perfect name as she is a stunning kitty with a beautiful shiny grey coat, cute little white socks and the most gorgeous sparkly eyes.

Juno is an expert birdwatcher, and particularly loves to be up high, while she also goes crazy for sticks (she actually prefers the stick part of her dangly toys than whatever is on the string).

She’s also just learning to be a lap cat during the night and will sit on your feet or lie against your legs while you’re in bed, keeping you company and enjoying your warmth (but she also makes the prettiest hot water bottle herself).

She is also very good at politely declining your invitation to pet her by gently putting her paw on your outstretched hand and lightly pushing it away. However, when she is open to some rubs (which happens while she’s eating or particularly when she is getting sleepy) she does enjoy being petted gently under her chin and on her paws, head, neck and front shoulders but she is not a fan of her back being touched. She also has the most adorable quiet snore that ends up turning into a purr.

Juno is a bit nervous and shy and has been slow to trust in her young life but her fosterer has worked so hard with her in recent weeks and it is really paying off. However, to continue this work, Juno will need a patient human experienced with cats to help her come out of her shell completely and flourish in her new home. She will also need the company of a resident kitty who can help her settle in as right now in her foster home she loves to watch her foster sister play with her toys and enjoys being around her. In fact, Juno is very polite when sharing with her foster sister and is so vigilant about taking turns with her when it comes to toys, treats, food and their cat bed.

Juno has so much potential to be a wonderful house cat with the right person who is willing to be patient, respectful and kind with this kitty goddess. Could that be you?

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