Meet Persephone 🌸 This sweet, friendly kitten is waiting to become your new best friend!

Named after the Greek Goddess of Spring, this kitty is sure to be a breath of fresh air. And with her unique colouring, she always looks dressed for a masquerade ball 💃

Persephone loves a cat-nap more than anything. Her favourite spots to snooze are at the top of her cat tree, or stretched along the back of the sofa! Recently, she’s grown to appreciate pets and scratches (You’ll know when she’s happy; she has such a loud purr for a small cat!)

One fun fact about this kitty – she doesn’t seem to know how to meow! Instead, she makes tiny squeaks of excitement 🥰 (You’ll probably hear this when she sees her food!)

Have you got room on your couch (and in your heart) for our Persephone?

If you would like to adopt Persephone, fill out our adoptions form here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/07a2592c618846b9b8a6b7632b72e908

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