Mylee is a 1 year old greyhound. She is an incredibly sweet girl, young, playful and affectionate in her nature.
She was brought to the vets with a very damaged eye, her owner did not want to cover the cost of eye surgery and she was surrendered into our care.
The eye was removed successfully and it has all healed very well. It doesn’t hold her back in any way, she loves playtime with another one of our boys at the kennels.
She’s not nervous and is very friendly, so interested to meet everyone, still like a puppy in ways.
She is currently in kennels and is not showing prey drive at the moment. Mylee does like the company of another dog but could live quite happily without one too. She could live in a rural or urban area. Her toilet training is still being worked on but that will not be a problem once she’s in a house. She could live with children that are not too small as she can still be a little bit bouncy and may knock a small child over by accident.
All Mylee wants is her own home and she will definitely give all her love back, she really is the most gorgeous girl that deserves her chance now.
Mylee is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated including KC, worm and flea treated.
Home visit and adoption fee apply.

Unique Registration ID: DPT200002C

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