Dennis is a friendly, mischievous, and energetic kitty.
Dennis would be best suited to a home where there are no younger children, as he has kitten like tenancies and may hurt them unintentionally.
He seems to be fine with other cats but not certain how he is with dogs, as he was very nervous around his previous foster family resident dog, slow introductions would be advised.
Once he’s had a good run around and play he’s happy to lie beside or on your lap to snooze.
He has had old fracture that has healed in an abnormal position, but our vet says he’s not in any discomfort but he will likely develop osteoarthritis due to degeneration of this joint when he is older, which may need medical treatment.
He has had a flea and worm treatment and now ready to come live with you, as long as you’ve had your informal home check

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