Connie was found wandering, heavily pregnant. She came into foster to have her kittens and has been so friendly and affectionate from the time she stepped out of the carrier. Connie unfortunately tested positive for FIV, which is feline immunodeficiency virus. Very similar to how HIV behaves in humans, this is a completely manageable condition, that doesn’t need ongoing medication and doesn’t shorten life span. Connie will need a fully indoor home and she isn’t a fan of other cats, though she could probably learn to tolerate a submissive cat. She absolutely cannot be homed with dogs. She will need a fully indoor home to protect her health, but she is so affectionate and friendly, you’ll be rewarded in spades! Connie is on a special diet where food is cooked for her and vitamins added. We haven’t found any cat food that doesn’t upset her tummy. Financially, it works out about the same cooking the food for Connie as a good quality cat food would cost. Connie is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and treated for parasites.

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