Johnny is  a whirlwind of playful antics that will keep you entertained for hours. Whether he’s chasing his tail, pouncing on imaginary prey, or executing gravity-defying acrobatics, Johnny’s energy knows no bounds.

One of Johnny’s favorite pastimes is diving headfirst into empty cardboard boxes, transforming them into his personal playground. His curiosity knows no bounds as he explores every nook and cranny, making every box a new adventure waiting to happen.

But don’t be fooled by his boundless energy – Johnny also has a heart of gold. When he finally tuckers himself out with all the play, he craves affection and cuddles. There’s nothing he enjoys more than being scooped up into your arms for a cozy snuggle session. His purring motor starts up, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with this sweet, affectionate side of him.

Johnny is more than just a kitten; he’s a burst of joy waiting to brighten your every day. He’s looking for a loving home where his playful spirit will be cherished, and his cuddle cravings satisfied.

Johnny has completed his vet work. He has been thoroughly vet-checked, treated for possible parasites, fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. All you will have to do is love him!

CN 20206155 DFM supplier number YPT200009C

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