Ruchi is nervous when you first meet her but she has got more confident, she is mostly wary of men. Ruchi is shy but very sweet, she really enjoys a cuddle and has the most affectionate nature.
She walks well on a lead and enjoys her outings, she has been good with all the dogs she has met at the kennel both big and small, Ruchi really just wants to play with them all, and makes friends so easily.
Her prey drive is low as she shows no real interest in the rabbits whilst out walking. Ruchi has not got the hang of toilet training but a home environment is much easier to house train than kennels.
We noticed Ruchi was walking lopsided when she came back from running around with her friends at day-care last month, so we had arranged a consult at Sunbeam vets. Her back leg was at a 70% angle and should be 25%, possibly an old injury which healed badly. We decided to go for preventative surgery as her cruciate could go as time went on and we felt it was best to get the surgery carried out now.
Ruchi had Cranial Closing Wedge surgery on October 6th, a wedge of bone was removed so that her leg would fuse together straighter to make walking and running more comfortable for her.
So far it has been a success, Ruchi is having short walks and will need 12 weeks of crate rest.
We were unable to find a foster home for Ruchi but Charlotte at the kennels is giving her excellent care. Ruchi is healing very well, it hasn’t bothered her one bit, she has been very accepting of her crate rest.
We hope Ruchi will get the chance of home comforts soon.

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