Looking for a furry friend who will steal your heart and shower you with love? Look no further! Introducing Ebony is the sweetest and most cuddly kitten you could ever hope to meet.

She is a little ball of fur with the most enchanting eyes that will melt your heart. Her coat is as soft as velvet, making her a true beauty.

Ebony is not just about cuddles; she’s an adventurous spirit too! She loves interactive toys, feather wands, and exploring her surroundings. Get ready for endless playtime and laughter.

She is a true lap cat. She adores snuggling up with you on the couch or keeping you company as you work or relax. Her gentle purring will soothe away your stress.

Ebony gets along with everyone, whether it’s other pets or family members of all ages. She’s the perfect addition to any household.

Don’t miss your chance to welcome Ebony into your life. She’s looking for a loving family who will cherish her as she deserves. Whether you’re an experienced cat owner or a first-time pet parent, Ebony will be your loyal companion through thick and thin. And if you’re thinking of also adopting a companion for her, she has two adorable sisters, Plum and Olive! Their photos are in the Gallery.

By the time Ebony is ready to leave us in early November, she will be fully vaccinated, spayed, wormed and microchipped.

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