When Shakespeare wrote the famous line ‘Though she be but little she is fierce’, he must have had our girl Blinky in mind. What this brave little explorer lacks in size, she makes up for in spirit, climbing everything in sight, from her cat tree to bookcases to trouser legs!

While she’s not likely to stick around for pats when there’s adventures to be had, even the most intrepid explorers need a rest now and then. After a busy day of mountaineering and chasing her favourite string toy, you’ll find Blinky curled up somewhere for a well-earned snooze: the perfect opportunity to sneak in a couple of cheeky cuddles and hear that delicious purr.

This tiny bundle of energy will need a resident kitty friend to play with; just be sure she has her own food bowl, or you’ll definitely hear a few grumbles from her!

If you can provide some new terrain for Blinky to explore, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out an application today to find out more.

Blinky is part of a bonded pair with Clyde

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