South Dakota has had a painful start to her little life, but she doesn’t let it get in the way of her fun! When Daki came into us, she had an abscess at the joint of her tail that was old. After emergency surgery to amputate the tail, she needed so much necrotic tissue resected, there wasn’t enough skin to close the wound. After spending a few days in the vets being closely monitored for infection and having regular bandage changes, Daki came back to foster and has made a full recovery. She is in foster with Rhode and they both love nothing more than wrestling, chasing and then finding a nice warm lap to recharge before doing it all again!
Because Daki has no tail, her balance will be off and she will need a full indoor home for her safety. She is in foster with cats and a dog and get on well with all. We think Daki would love some feline company in her new home and would be a great playmate for an existing cat

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