Carlton was one of the saddest cases we have ever seen. He was an intact male, malnourished, a chronic respiratory infection, rotten teeth and badly dehydrated. Within his first week in foster, he gained almost 1kg in weight!

Enough though about how Carlton was, he is an amazingly handsome and sweet boy now! He is unrecognisable from the scrap who arrived. He gets on really well with his feline foster brothers. He is very sweet and cuddly with his foster parents, but we would prefer no or older children. Carlton shows no interest in outdoors, he is quite content with his comfy spots in the house, so suitable for apartment living. It is hard to age an adult cat, especially one who has had such a bad past, but the vet estimated 3-5 years old. Carlton is in foster in Lucan and very excited for his very own family

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