Mehdi is the most beautiful and unusual lurcher we have taken in, he is 10 months old. He is a small sheltie type (Lassie dog) 17.5 inches to his shoulder, sadly another pound boy.
What a stunning boy Mehdi is, with a lovely temperament to go with his unusual looks. Mehdi is great with others dogs and his pal is Montel who he shares a kennel with. He is really good with people also and loves the attention. Mehdi always has a smile on his face to greet you. House training is a work in progress, he does keep his kennel as clean as he possibly can and we feel in a home environment he would learn quickly. Mehdi travels well in a car and nothing spooks him, he could slot in anywhere. He does have prey drive so cats would be a no in his new home.
This lovely boy is neutered, chipped, fully vaccinated including kennel cough and ready to meet prospective adopters.
Home visit and adoption fee apply.

Unique Registration ID: DPT200002C

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