Tina originally came to us in October 2020 and was adopted a few months later. Tina has just turned 5 now and was living with young children, unfortunately she needs a new family as her owner passed away.
Tina had an accident and needed one of her back legs amputated a few years ago but this does not stop her doing anything a four legged canine can do. Tina is house trained, can be left home alone for 5 hours if needed and has no separation anxiety, all she does is sleep (proof of this is on the pet cam), she is a really easy girl to care for. She is not an active dog, short strolls on level ground, max an hour with lots of sniffing is all she requires.
Tina is really fabulous, you just have to go and meet her, she is ready and waiting to find her new family.
Home visit and adoption fee apply.

  •  DPT200002C
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