Introducing Holly who is seeking her third chance at a forever home!

Holly is a former CDPA dog and is unfortunately once again looking for a new home after 5 years in her current home.

Holly absolutely loves chasing tennis balls, making playtime an absolute joy and it sure helps to get some of her energy out. During walks, she has impeccable leash manners and rarely strays from your side, she can however be barky at strangers and other dogs.

When it comes to human interaction, she is overflowing with affection and has a gentle demeanor, she has been around dog-savvy children and has been good with them. She’s house-trained and well-mannered indoors, making her a good family dog.

As she has matured, she’s grown more composed and laid-back, though she still has moments of nervousness and can be a little needy at times. Nevertheless, her loving nature makes her a devoted and affectionate companion you can count on.

Car rides are a breeze with her – she’s a seasoned traveler, which opens up the possibility of exciting adventures together.

Holly has had regular vet checkups and is in good health. She is spayed and vaccinations will be up to date.

If you’re ready to provide a caring and secure environment, she’ll shower you with loyalty and love for a lifetime.

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