Meet Lola, a senior dog who deserves better than her current unfortunate situation. Her owner, who is downsizing, has sadly lost interest in providing Lola with the loving home she deserves for the remaining time in her life.

Despite the circumstances, Lola remains a resilient and healthy dog. She has been spayed and does not have any health issues. Throughout her life, she has always enjoyed good health. Lola finds joy in going on short walks and behaves well while walking on a leash. When it’s time to rest, she has her favorite spot beneath a cozy chair where she sleeps on her pillow, finding it more comfortable than dog beds. During the day, Lola spends most of her time in the garden, enjoying the outdoors.

Currently, Lola is in Foster Care and has adapted well to her temporary family. She appreciates the quality time she spends with them. Lola would thrive in a calm and peaceful home environment, ideally without other dogs or children. Let’s find Lola the loving and devoted forever home she truly deserves.

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