My cat’s name is Puddles, fitting for how this special boy entered my life, on a rainy December evening in 2016. I was walking to dinner in town and thought I saw a rat running along towards the sewer drain along the road, but as I got closer I realised it was a kitten! Cars were zooming by and thankfully I was able to scoop the kitten up. After a trip to the vet, they confirmed he was only 7 weeks old, covered in fleas and just a bag of bones. But he recovered and was raised by his pet sister, my rabbit Bunbun. Sometimes when he was little he would even do bunny hops! Puddles is always very respectful and gentle with Bunbun.
Puddles has always lived indoors, but he does like being outside at his own pace. I usually supervise as he enjoys walks around the garden. Puddles is not a major lap-cat, but will come sit near you on his own terms, especially if you have a blanket, and doesn’t mind you scooping him up to hold him in your arms for some pets, while he closes his eyes and purrs…He’s got a very soothing purr and loves the top of his head scratched. Puddles loves to hide under blankets and is happy enough resting the day in his nook behind the couch or on the sunny windowsill, and doesn’t mind being on his own. He will happily sleep at the end of your bed if you let him.

Puddles can be a bit shy when new people come into the house, but after a little while he comes out to see what’s going on. As soon as you start playing with lasers and ribbons, Puddles is ready! He also adores playing peek-a-boo in cardboard boxes and paper bags! He loves to play even if you just tiptoe your fingers at the edge of the couch playfully towards him, or across the floor or paper bag, he is up for a game! He makes the best little chrips and hops when he is happy. Puddles has a great personality and loves to play. He is a wonderful companion who enjoys lounging about, but loves to know you are there, and will entertain you with his love of a good game!

Puddles got on well with my dog, and would sometimes lay nearby her if the go is not running around. He likes to play with the dog from behind the couch, after he runs back when they play chase. That being said I think it would take Puddles a while to aclimatise to a home with a dog, and he would prefer to be in a home without a dog. He has been around two other cats in short once off visits and did okay, but it took him a while to come around, being shy at first. The other two cats had friendly demeanours and Puddles enjoyed being beside them. I imagine could be rehomed with other cats if introductions were made slowly.

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