🐾 Meet Finley: The Dark Ginger Kitten Searching for a Forever Home! 🐾

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a furry little companion? Look no further than Finley, the charming dark ginger kitten. At just 10 weeks old, Finley is almost ready to find his forever family and fill it with love and joy.

🐱 Finley is a one-of-a-kind treasure with his luscious dark ginger fur and soulful eyes. He is an absolute sweetheart, delighting in cuddles and affection. Finley has been hand-reared since the tender age of 4 weeks, ensuring he is well-socialized and ready to adapt to his new home.

🐾 Being a part of a litter of four, Finley shares a special bond with his brothers, Nemo, Bruce, and Guppy. Their journey together has been nothing short of unforgettable, and if possible, we’d love to see Finley find a home where he can have the comfort and companionship of one of his siblings. The love and friendship they share are truly unique and will bring endless happiness to your home.

✨ Rest assured, Finley will be fully prepared for his new home. He will be microchipped to ensure his safety, neutered to promote responsible pet ownership, wormed to keep him healthy, and fully vaccinated to protect him from any potential health concerns.

If you’re ready to welcome a charming and cuddly, fluffy companion into your life, Finley is the perfect choice. His affectionate nature and striking appearance will capture your heart from the moment you meet him. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make him a cherished member of your family!

To learn more about Finley, please get in touch. Let Finley’s warm presence and loving personality fill your home with happiness. Act fast, as this adorable dark ginger kitten won’t stay available for long! Finley will be finished his vet work and ready for homing at the end of July.

🏡 Give Finley the loving forever home he deserves today! 🐾❤️

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