Ozzie is a fabulous mix of shar pei/Staffie/Whippet (mammy is shar pei cross staffie, daddy is a whippet)

Ozzie has gone on trial with adopters twice now. The first time he was returned after 2 days for energy & tail chasing and second time he was returned after 5 day due to tail chasing and the cat didn’t like him.
He bonds easily which is great but not when nobody will give him a chance or understands his needs even when explained in detail.
Ozzie is a sweet gentle lovable good natured boy. He requires exercise and mental stimulation, he does have OCD tail chasing and would do well if he had a job like agility or other activities. It’s not an easy fix, if it ever could be.
So Ozzie has spent his life in rescues because he has needs.
He is not aggressive ever
He loves cuddles
He likes other animals
He is a quick learner
He loves puzzle games & working for his treats
He is house trained
He is crate trained
He is vaccinated/microchipped/neutered
He tail chases this is something that may never be fixed but only reduced through exercise, mental stimulation.
He has hyper moments if he isn’t tired out he is a young dog.
He needs mental stimulation
He needs extra exercise a minimum 1 hour daily with lots of sniffing.
He needs a secure area as he can jump
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