Lyra is a 1 year old collie x. She’s a very friendly girl, who is very athletic and energetic. She gets on well with bigger dogs, she can be choosy with who she takes to but gets on with most. She’s not a fan of small dogs and is reactive to cats.
Lyra has moved into a foster home and below is an update from her foster mum:
Lyra is a dream dog for the right family. She has really come out of her shell and has such a fun personality. New things frighten Lyra but with a bit of support she is always up for investigating and is never frightened the second time.
She is extremely fair, every time she comes to me for rubs she makes sure to go straight to my partner wherever he is in the house and get her rubs off him too.
She adores car journeys and spends the whole time watching.
She is so funny and dramatic, on several occasions has been so excited by new food or beds that she trips herself up. She always makes sure to spring back up and pretend it never happened.
In my opinion Lyra would be happiest in a home with older children and adults. She needs a lot of exercise due to her breed as well as mental stimulation.
She is now fully house trained. She is fine when left alone for short periods but would not like a home where she is alone for extended periods of time.
She pulls on lead but we are working on this and making progress, she is highly motivated to learn.
Lyra can be slightly possessive of certain toys/treats. Again this was resolved within days but her new family would need to keep an eye on this and be aware.
She is a fantastic dog needing a little bit of work but with the right people she will excel.
We absolutely adore her and know she would make the right experienced family very happy.

Lyra is so clever and has so much potential, with the right owner she will be a really super companion given the right stimulation and continued training.
Lyra is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated including KC, worm and flea treated.
Home visit and adoption fee apply.

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