Bobbie is a beautiful 3 year old fluffy lady who’s spayed, dewormed and litter trained.
Despite having a rough past after being abandoned and straying on the streets, she has grown to enjoy the comforts of a loving home as well as daily pets and headbutts.
She loves to follow you around the house and see what you’re up to. Her favourite activities are lying in the sun, napping, eating and talking to her humans!
She’s an independent cat who likes her space, but will come to you for cuddles if she so wishes. She enjoys playing with soft toys and her scratch post.
She will be most suitable to a home with adults (preferably 1 or 2) as she tends to get scared of noises, new people and physical contact without her consent. Given her rough past, she needs patient humans who will earn her trust and respect her space and give her time to unfold her vibrant personality.

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