Ozzie is a fabulous mix of shar pei/Staffie/Whippet (mammy is shar pei cross staffie, daddy is a whippet)
He will need an active household to engage both his body and mind. He loves kisses and cuddles, long walks and trips to the dog park… and forests and beaches! Anywhere Ozzie can expend his energy with his people, he’s happy! Once he’s had his exercise, he’s happy to curl up on the sofa while you watch tv or read a book. His foster home have made some agility items in the garden and he loves them and responds really well to that. He is crate trained, house trained and though he still has that puppy exuberance when someone new walks in, if you ignore him he will calm down… but for that reason, we’d prefer older children in the house so he doesn’t accidentally knock someone over. Ozzie responds really well to training and loves learning new things, so someone who would keep that up for him would be great.

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